January 26, 2011

New! The Hawk and His Boy (The Tormay Trilogy)

The Hawk and His Boy by Christopher Bunn

About: One night in the city of Hearne, a young thief named Jute is instructed to break into a wizard's house and steal an old wooden box. It sounds like a straightforward job. Climb down the chimney, creep through the house, find the thing and get out fast. Unbeknownst to the boy, however, the box contains the knife that killed the Wind. Overcome with curiosity, Jute opens the box and sets off a chain of events that soon has him on the run from the wizard, his old masters in the Thieves Guild, and their client, who happens to be the Lord of Darkness himself. On his odyssey of escape, Jute is aided by an unlikely assortment of friends, including a guilt-ridden assassin, a reluctant wizard, and a hawk who just might be able to teach him how to fly. But the Darkness will do anything to find Jute, even if it means plunging the whole land into war. (from amazon.com)

I love fantasy books. Especially original ones. I really want to read this one right now! If only I didn't have fines at the library...

January 15, 2011

New! Looking For Alaska

Looking For Alaska by John Green

About: Sixteen-year-old Miles Halter's adolescence has been one long nonevent - no challenge, no girls, no mischief, and no real friends. Seeking what Rabelais called the "Great Perhaps," he leaves Florida for a boarding school in Birmingham, AL. His roommate, Chip, is a dirt-poor genius scholarship student with a Napoleon complex who lives to one-up the school's rich preppies. Chip's best friend is Alaska Young, with whom Miles and every other male in her orbit falls instantly in love. She is literate, articulate, and beautiful, and she exhibits a reckless combination of adventurous and self-destructive behavior. She and Chip teach Miles to drink, smoke, and plot elaborate pranks. Alaska's story unfolds in all-night bull sessions, and the depth of her unhappiness becomes obvious. (from amazon.com)

-I am actually about to purchase this book on amazon, and I cannot wait to read it. It sounds really good. I like a good teen drama and life situations.

January 6, 2011

Book Goals for 2011

It's a new year and with it come many new goals. As I've already written my personal goals on my personal blog, I've decided to make some Book Goals for 2011.

Read More - I guess this is kind of an obvious one for a book blogger. I will be very busy with school so mainly its about making time to read. Which I will do.

Blog More - I know I've been slacking majorly on my book blogging abilities. But I swear its justified. With finals and the Holidays I just haven't had time. But I vow for 2011 to blog at least, if not more, once a week! Have faith readers.

Try Not To Buy Any Book - This one my seem odd but I seriously have two bookshelves full of books. And some of them sit on their shelves unread. So instead of borrowing books from the library, or buying new ones. I am going to finish reading all my own books before the year is out. It's doable right?

Get More Followers - I'm honestly at a loss of exactly how to go about this. All I can hope is that people enjoy my blog enough to follow along, or at the very least comment or even just stop by. Also I shall be bribing and enticing you previous, and hopefully new, followers with Give Aways! Starting this month.

-So be sure to check back often for all these goals will be fulfilled. And also check back for Give Aways and other great blog things.