September 4, 2010

Review: Rebel Angels

Rebel Angels by Libba Bray
About:In this sequel to the Victorian fantasy A Great and Terrible Beauty, Gemma continues to pursue her role as the one destined to bind the magic of the Realms and restore it to the Order. Gemma, Felicity and Ann, use magical power to transport themselves on visits from their corseted world to the visionary country of the Realms, with its strange beauty and menace. There they search for the lost Temple, the key to Gemma's mission, and comfort Pippa, their friend who has been left behind in the Realms. Meanwhile, Gemma is torn between her attraction to the exotic Kartik, the messenger from the opposing forces of the Rakshana, and the handsome but clueless Simon, a young man of good family who is courting her. The complicated plot thickens when Gemma discovers a woman in Bedlam madhouse who knows where to find the Temple. A large part of the enjoyment of this unusual fantasy comes from the Victorian milieu and its restrictive rules about the behavior of proper young ladies, as contrasted with the unimaginable possibilities of the Realms, where Gemma has power to confront gorgons and ghosts and the responsibility to save a world. (from

Review: After being surprised of how good the first book was, I knew I really wanted to finish the series. So finally I got this book from the library and have finally finished it. This book took place the majority in London when the girls go back for Christmas. I think it was so exciting reading about them running through the London streets, attending balls, visiting asylums and returning to the other world. I liked how the characters developed more, you got to know them and understand the characters. It was also a lot more fast passed and thrilling. I found myself staying up later than I probably should have, not being able to put the books down. The second book is even better than the first. I am really enjoying these series, I really like the main character Gemma, and her best friends Felicity and Ann. You really get to know them better and their about their life and their pasts. Katrik was in this book more too, and I found myself just wanting them to get together. I mean they obviously like eachother, and Gemma is totally jealous when Kartik, as he becomes their coachman as to keep a better eye on Gemma since he's been told to make her seal the magic to his brotherhood the Rakshana, is talking to their maid Emily. And Katrik is obviously jealous of the hansom Simon, who is infatuated with Gemma. I just want Gemma and Katrik to kiss already! But I like how most of the story is in the realms and the girls are trying to bind the magic and find the temple! Oh man its just such a fun read! I highly recommend picking up the first book and starting this amazing journey.


  1. I was never able to finish this series. It just didn't click for me.

  2. Ya, I can see that. Libba Bray is a bit hard to read, I just enjoyed the time period and thought the idea was interesting. But A lot of people say they couldn't finish these books.