January 6, 2011

Book Goals for 2011

It's a new year and with it come many new goals. As I've already written my personal goals on my personal blog, I've decided to make some Book Goals for 2011.

Read More - I guess this is kind of an obvious one for a book blogger. I will be very busy with school so mainly its about making time to read. Which I will do.

Blog More - I know I've been slacking majorly on my book blogging abilities. But I swear its justified. With finals and the Holidays I just haven't had time. But I vow for 2011 to blog at least, if not more, once a week! Have faith readers.

Try Not To Buy Any Book - This one my seem odd but I seriously have two bookshelves full of books. And some of them sit on their shelves unread. So instead of borrowing books from the library, or buying new ones. I am going to finish reading all my own books before the year is out. It's doable right?

Get More Followers - I'm honestly at a loss of exactly how to go about this. All I can hope is that people enjoy my blog enough to follow along, or at the very least comment or even just stop by. Also I shall be bribing and enticing you previous, and hopefully new, followers with Give Aways! Starting this month.

-So be sure to check back often for all these goals will be fulfilled. And also check back for Give Aways and other great blog things.

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