May 7, 2011

Review: Castle in the Air

Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones

About: Abdullah the rug merchant leaves his humdrum life far behind when he purchases a threadbare magic carpet from a mysterious stranger. Almost immediately, Abdullah is whisked off on a series of adventures that bear an uncanny resemblance to his own daydreams. He meets the love of his life only to have her kidnapped by a fierce djinn. With the help of the magic carpet--and an ornery genie--Abdullah sets out to rescue his bride-to-be. His travels take him to the fairy tale land of Ingary.

Review: I just have to say, I absolutely love Jones' writing. I've read Howl's Moving Castle, and House of Many Ways, both sequels like Castle in the Air. I enjoy her books so much, they are fun fantasy books with witches and djinns and castles and princesses. This book had a very Aladdin feel to it, with a genie and magic carpet too. Her books are easy reads but so full of adventure and comedy. If you're a fan of Jones other books then you'll appreciate that Howl and Sophie are in this book as well. I did feel myself slightly rushing through the end. I'm not sure if I just wanted it to get done, or I was just a smidgen bored, or that I needed to return it to the library.  I have to admit I enjoyed House of Many Ways more than Castle in the Air, I liked the characters just a bit more. Abdullah, Flower-in-the-Night and the Soldier were all really good character's I just didn't feel more of a connection than I would have lived. The book keeps a good pace, as something is always happening, so it is fun. But despite cramming the last 70 pages in a few breaks at work, I highly recommend this book for any avid readers or fantasy lovers. It was a nice break after reading Candy which was very different also.

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