July 12, 2010

New! 28 Days Later: London Calling

28 Days Later: London Calling by Michael Alan Nelson

About: Connecting the movie 28 Days Later to its sequel 28 Weeks Later, this original graphic novel continuation focuses on Selena, one of the three survivors of the first film, as she embarks on an epic journey to return to Great Britain. Joining a team of American war journalists hell bent on venturing into the heart of Infected territory, they must learn the cold, hard truth of what it takes to survive in the U.K. after the Infection has spread. (about from comixology.com)I enjoyed these movies so much. They are intense and realistic, and lets face it, no one can resist a good zombie movie. I hope these books are just at good as the movies. I've been looking for an awesome graphic novel to start reading. This one just might be it. For a full review, check it out HERE.

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