July 7, 2010

Review: Neal Shusterman

I am a big fan of Neal Shusterman. His books are always eventful and intriguing and I can never put them down until I am done reading the entire book. With unique ideas and interesting plot lines and characters, his books are fun and easy to read.

About: Set in the future, the second civil war is fought over abortion. To end the war, a compromise is reached that ends the practice of abortion but creates an alternative called "unwinding." Between the ages of 13 and 17, parents or guardians can choose to have their children unwound, which involves having every part of their bodies harvested to be "donated" to another person so, technically, they don't really die. The complex and compelling plot follows three teens whose stories intertwine when they escape while on their way to the harvest camps. This gripping, thought-provoking novel is guaranteed to lead to interesting discussions about abortion, adoption, organ donation, religion, politics, and health care. (from amazon.com)

Review: This book was really good. I really liked the characters, Conner, Rev and Lisa. They were all had their own personalities and unique stories of how they got sent to be unwound. Its thrilling and intense. Although its been awhile since I read it, I enjoy being able to still envision and imagine everything in this book. I own this book and its definitely one I will re-read over and over again.

Skinjacker Trilogy:

About: Following a fatal car accident, teenagers Nick and Allie collide with each other on the way toward the light and are shoved into an alternate state of existence. No longer living but not yet at the end of their journey, they land in Everlost, a color-bleached plane populated with child and teen spirits. There are rules in Everlost that new "greensouls" must learn to survive: keep moving, don't fall into a routine, don't seek the living, watch out for gangs, and steer clear of the McGill, Everlost's resident monster. Such rules are immortalized in the many books on Everlost penned by Mary Hightower, the leader of a large community of souls residing in the inanimate ghosts of New York's Twin Towers. Enamored of Mary, Nick begins to settle in, while Allie fights to escape. (from amazon.com)

Review: From beginning to end this book was thrilling, mysterious and so much fun. Once again Shusterman has created lovable and relateable characters in his stories. The whole idea of the book is intriguing to me, the kids ruling the world 'inbetween', the terrified McGill, the sweet yet sinister Mary who takes care of the children and gives them routines to follow. I like how Nick doesn't just follow Allie around and do what she says, they both have very strong personalities. Nick stays to help guide the children away from Mary's 'helpful' ways. While Allie doesn't want to fall into routine like Nick does and wants to go back home to see her family. The whole journey for these two is eventful, I honestly can't wait to re-read this book that's sitting in my bookshelf. I also need to add the second book in this trilogy to my collection, that I have yet to buy.

About: Some young people, when they die, lose their way on the path toward the light and end up in Everlost, a sort of purgatory between life and final peace that the light brings. Everwild continues the story of Allie the Outcast; Nick the Chocolate Ogre; and Mikey McGill and his sister, Mary Hightower, that began in Everlost. Nick continues to oppose Mary, who believes that her destiny is to keep all children in Everlost forever, preferably in her care. One of his new allies is Zin, a girl who can "rip" things from the living world into Everlost. Allie meets other "skinjackers," Afterlights who can possess people in the world of the living, and learns from them matters both exhilarating and horrifying. Mikey gains more control over his power to change himself and even learns to extend his ability to others. (from amazon.com)

Review: I haven't read this book yet, but it is next on my list on books to buy. I honestly cannot wait to go to Barnes and Noble and purchase it.

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