July 18, 2010

Review: The Dead Tossed Waves

The Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan
About: Timid, thoughtful Gabry has grown up safely in the city of Vista. She lives in a lighthouse with her mother, Mary, the daring heroine of The Forest of Hands and Teeth, whose job it is to kill Mudo—zombies—as they wash ashore. Then one night, Cira, Gabry's best friend, and Catcher, Cira's brother, convince her to sneak outside Vista's walls. With the attack of one Breaker—a fast zombie—everything changes: a friend is killed, Catcher is infected, and Cira is imprisoned and destined for the Recruiters, the army that protects the loose federation of cities left after the Return. Feeling both guilty for having escaped punishment and self-destructive after the revelation that Mary in fact adopted her, Gabry pushes herself to cross the city's Barrier again. (about from amazon.com)

Review: Despite slightly bashing the first book, I really do enjoy these books. They're thrilling and intense and really exciting zombie books. But, with the same flaws in the first book, Ryan still tends to repeat herself a lot with the characters thoughts and feelings. If you tell me something once in the book, I'll remember their feelings till the end. Throughout the book Gabry says she isn't like her mother, Mary (from the first book), who is brave and strong. Honestly Mary was kind of a baby in The Forest of Hand and Teeth. Maybe just because I dream about fighting zombies and how bad ass I would be cutting of heads and rescuing people, but the girls in Ryan's books aren't tough, even though they've been brought up with the ever present existence of zombies, they still seem to slink back and cry about things instead of fighting. And again in this book there is a love triangle. Gabry, loves Catcher, but then Elias, the new love interest comes in and she finds herself intrigued but frightened by him. I have to say I liked Elias better of the two, only because he was strong and tough and took on the zombies and has a hidden past. Gabry looses loved ones, and finds out about her past and has to kill people, so I can understand why she cries a lot in this book, but I still just want to slap her and tell her to get over somethings. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy these books, but sometimes I just find myself getting frustrated with the main characters. Although I did start feeling bad for Gabry, everything she loves gets taken away. I honestly found myself just wanting everyone to leave her alone and let her and Elias be together, but that's not how Ryan's books go. She really puts in perspective that in times like these, nothing is safe and everything you love can be taken away. I love Ryan's writing and descriptions, I really feel as if I'm running right along side them through the forest running from the Recruiters and zombies. I think I almost liked the first book better, with the Sisterhood, it kept me to want to keep reading a bit more. But once again Ryan leaves you on a cliff-hanger, hungry for the third book, which needless to say, I am excited to read.

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